Blackwell Realty, Inc. and its agents have been serving the real estate community in Baldwin and Mobile Counties since 2001.  We are a boutique real estate agency in business since 2015 and we strive to be the best in the industry.  We are an extremely specialized business with a culture centered on customer service and professionalism.  As a client of Blackwell Realty, Inc., you can expect the highest and best representation in any transaction that we help you through.  You can rest assured that our entire office is working to assist you for a smooth and skilled transaction.  In the age of technology where instant gratification is expected, we stand among the best. We are constantly honing our skills and to help us facilitate that, we collaborate with a number of outside professionals weekly to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in the real estate industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we will not give your contract to a closing coordinator, which are used by many large companies. Our agents will see your transaction through from beginning to end so that no paperwork or important information gets overlooked or lost.  We are focused on the quality of our transactions more than the quantity of homes purchased or sold through our company.  We also know that your opinion has a significant impact on our future business and we strive for excellence and exceeding your expectations. We care about the rights of our clientele and we are more interested in protecting those rights than building a large company.  We serve on our local board of Realtors as very active members with our Broker/Owner, Bo, being on the Board of Directors and, Associate Broker/Owner, Sondra, being a member of the Realtors Political Action Committee and the Global Council. We are a part of the community and we are committed to supporting various outreach and nonprofits such as the Outback America, Baldwin County Humane Society, Ransom Ministries among many others to further the best interest of everyone in our beautiful community. 

Blackwell Realty, Inc. will serve its customers with honesty and integrity throughout the real estate transaction.  Open communications with our buyers and sellers is the key to our relationship before, during, and after the sale. We want all of our customers to Buy Well, Sell Well, and Live Well with Blackwell Realty, Inc.

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